Receive a $250 stipend and 2.0 CEUs!  -  Applications are due Sept. 15, 2017

Have you ever taken your elementary school students on a fieldtrip and thought about all the ways the site could take your students’ experience to a whole new level? If so, take note! The NC Transportation Museum is currently accepting applications from elementary school teachers to serve as NC Transportation Museum Curriculum Engineers! Selected teachers will attend a full-day workshop on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC, where participants will be exposed to all of the resources (exhibits, themed tours, artifacts, a train ride, etc.) the Museum currently offers for elementary students. Teachers will then collaborate with Museum and Carolina K-12 staff to brainstorm and advise on interactive and creative activities that coordinate with the Museum’s offerings in order to better ensure school visits are both educational, hands-on and integrated across multiple disciplines (STEAM, Social Studies, English/Language Arts/Reading, etc.) for K-5 classrooms (with a particular focus on the Museum’s largest visitor population of 4th grade students.)

As a Curriculum Engineer, teachers will:

·         Learn about and participate in the Museum’s current tours/exhibits throughout the day on Sat., Oct. 14, providing feedback regarding the experience, while also brainstorming and discussing creative ideas to expand the educational impact on K-5 visitors

·         Identify the most relevant aspects of the NC Transportation Museum’s 60-acre site for K-5 visitors

·         Consider and recommend thematic educational tours, experiential activities, interactive stations, etc., that can better connect the Museum’s resources to the NC teaching standards for K-5 across multiple disciplines (STEAM, Social Studies, English/Language Arts/Reading, etc.), with a special emphasis on the Museum’s highest visitor population of 4th grade students

·         Brainstorm potential pre-visit, visit, and post-visit classroom connections and activities and create/submit one activity after the Oct. 14 workshop

·         Help identify, as an expert from the K-5 teaching field, the various ways K-5 students can be further engaged with the NC Transportation Museum overall, both in on-site visits and back in the classroom

Selected Curriculum Engineers will receive:

·         A $250 stipend (Stipends will be issued upon submitting one teaching activity after the Oct. 14 workshop – due by Saturday, Nov. 11; details will be provided on Oct. 14)

·         2.0 CEUs (includes time outside of Oct. 14 for creating an activity)

·         For teachers who travel more than 30 miles round trip, mileage reimbursement will be provided at .40 per each mile over the 30 miles if requested.

·         Behind-the-scenes access to the NC Transportation Museum’s exhibits and school tours

·         Fun giveaways throughout the day

·         Time for pedagogical exploration and brainstorming

·         Breakfast, lunch, and general comradery from other great teachers around the state

·         A great resume/CV credit

Applicant Requirements:

·         This opportunity is available to K-5 teachers, curriculum specialists, library/media specialists, and other educators across North Carolina with expertise in the elementary classroom. Applicants should have a firm understanding of NC teaching standards for K-5, and preference will be given to teachers who demonstrate specific experience with and/or knowledge of 4th grade.

·         Applicants should demonstrate experience and/or a strong interest in the brainstorming and creation of engaging, interactive and standards-aligned activities.

·         Applicants must be willing to engage in collaborative thinking and brainstorming, have the ability to be creative and envision possibilities rather than hindrances, and demonstrate excitement for creating immersive, engaging, and standards-aligned experiences for students at the NC Transportation Museum.

·         Applicants who are selected must be able to attend all hours of the October 14, 2017 workshop, which will take place from 9 AM – 5 PM at 411 S. Salisbury Ave., Spencer, NC 28159.

o   When applying, please consider your distance from the Museum and ensure that arrival by the 9 AM start time on Oct. 14 is realistic. (Recommendations can be made to selectees interested in hotel arrangements, but funds are not available to provide hotel accommodations.)

o   A travel stipend is available for any teacher meeting the mileage requirements noted above.

Applications are due by Sept. 15, 2017. Teachers selected as Curriculum Engineers will be notified regarding decisions by October 4, 2017.


Questions about the program, the requirements, or other general issues can be sent to
Christie Norris, Director | Carolina K-12, at