The N.C. Transportation Museum’s next major railroad event, “Streamliners at Spencer,” will be a four-day festival for lovers of classic streamlined locomotives of the 1930s through the 1950s.  These engines will be gathered around the 37-stall Bob Julian Roundhouse turntable for daytime portraits, special operations, nighttime photos and more. Don't miss it!

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Confirmed Attending Locomotives

(Updated 05-20-14)
1. Atlantic Coastline E3 No. 501 2. Southern Railway FP7 No. 6133
3. Southern Railway E8 No. 6900 4. Norfolk Southern F9 No. 4270
5. Norfolk Southern F9 No. 4271 6. Juniata Terminal Co. E8 No. 5711
7. Juniata Terminal Co. E8 No. 5809 8. Lackawanna No. 663
9. Lackawanna No. 664 10. New Haven No. 2019
11.Wabash No. 1189 12. Canadian National No. 6789
13. Soo Line No. 2500-A 14. Reading F7 No. 284
15. Pan Am Railway No. 1 16. Wabash No. 1009
17. Iowa Pacific No. 515 18. B&O No. 722
19. C&O No. 8016 20. Class J 611 Steam Locomotive
21. Union Pacific No. 949 22. Chicago & North Western No. 411
23. Burlington Route E5 No. 9911a 24. Nickel Plate Road No. 190
25. Erie E8 No. 833 26. FT No. 103 Demonstrator

Streamliners At Spencer: May 29 - June 1, 2014 > April 2014 > Streamliners at Spencer Train Rides Announced

Streamliners at Spencer Train Rides Announced

SPENCER, N.C. – The N.C. Transportation Museum’s upcoming Streamliners at Spencer event will offer more than just great photographic opportunities of historic streamliner locomotives. Event attendees will also have the chance to photograph the engines in action, to ride aboard trains pulled by these vintage diesels and to actually step inside with cab tours of attending locomotives.
The May 29 – June 1 will feature all these options in addition to great photo opportunities featuring the full group of locomotives gathered around the Bob Julian Roundhouse and individual shots and pairings of the locomotives on other parts of the property.
With the event less than two months away and more than 20 locomotives confirmed as attending, more details of the event scheduling are being announced. 
Train rides will be offered throughout the event and are included with the purchase of event tickets. May 29 – June 1, historic operational locomotives pulling the train will include the Canadian National FPA-4, Chicago & North Western F7, Delaware Lackawanna & Western F3, Iowa Pacific E8, New Haven FL9, the Soo Line FP7, and the Wabash F7, along with the museum’s own Southern Railway E8 and Southern Railway FP7. Train rides will cover the N.C. Transportation Museum grounds, providing a variety of different photo opportunities for attending rail fans.
Trains will operate with a different locomotive on each end in a push-pull configuration. Rides are scheduled to operate in the morning with one set of locomotives and in the late afternoon with different motive power. 
Cab tours will take attendees inside the locomotives to get the engineer’s perspective. The engines will be pulled into the Bob Julian Roundhouse diesel repair bays where visitors can easily step inside for a unique view from inside. Locomotives available for cab tours will include the Canadian National FPA-4, Delaware Lackawanna & Western F3, Iowa Pacific E8, New Haven FL9, Soo FP7, the Wabash F7, and the museum’s own Southern Railway E8, Southern Railway FP7 and Atlantic Coast Line E3.  
The 20th locomotive announced for Streamliners at Spencer is also a benchmark for the event.  Like the Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit event two years ago, this means the Bob Julian Roundhouse will have the maximum number of locomotives surrounding the turntable for group shots.  With 37 stalls and two lead tracks, the Bob Julian Roundhouse is the largest operational building of its type still in existence in North America, and as such, is the only place such a gathering of locomotives can happen for this rail fan photography event.
More locomotives, however, are still in negotiation to attend Streamliners at Spencer. With a full roundhouse,engines will be rotated if necessary. The full list of locomotives can be found on the museum’s event blog, “Streamliners Scoop,” available at
All through the 4-day Streamliners at Spencer rail festival, visitors will enjoy special operations for all locomotives on site, daytime locomotive portraits, night photo shoots, display trains and more. 
A special Preview Day, featuring the last of the engines to arrive, special train movements, site preparations and more will be held May 29. Tickets for the Preview Day are $40 per person in advance. Tickets will be $45 on the day of the event.
A Streamliners Celebration at the Station the evening of May 29 at the nearby Salisbury station will feature live music, guest speakers and a BBQ and chicken dinner for $20/person.   
Regular daytime admission to Streamliners at Spencer for activities running May 30 through June 1 will be $30 for adults and $20 for children per day if purchased in advance. The price increases to $35 for adults and $25 for children per day if purchased on the day of the event. 
Nighttime photo shoots Thursday through Saturday will be $25 per person, per night.
Combo tickets and group discounts will be available, along with discounts for N.C. Transportation Museum members, Norfolk Southern employees and Amtrak employees. More information about the day-to-day operations and ticket prices is available online at
The participation of all resident and visiting locomotives is subject to timely transportation and mechanical availability. 
Tickets for Streamliners at Spencer are available online at or by calling (704) 636-2889 ext. 237 or ext. 257.
Tickets for a special Night Photo Session, being conducted as a test for Streamliners at Spencer and featuring the museum’s own historic rail equipment, happens April 5. Tickets for the Night Photo Session will be $10 per person and are available only on the day of the event from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
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